Alliances are like clans, there are many benifits to joining an Alliance. Benifits:
  • Faster growth
  • Alliance gifts
  • Alliance Science buffs
  • Alliance points
  • Alliance shop
  • Alliance Buff Zone
  • Alliance Resource Tile
  • Alliance warehouse
  • A group of friendly people to talk to, get to know, ask for help , and basically have you back.

As soon as you join an Alliance you get gems, you meet new people and can ask questions and learn new things in game. Every time they kill a boss you get a package in you inventory, You can join rallies to kill bosses you otherwise would not be able to hit on your own (if you are above keep 11 and have a War Hall). Alliance members can help each other with resources (Embassy required) and reinforce if you are attacked or one of your Subordinate Cities are attacked.

Starting an Alliance: